Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dress Code : Do you want it?

The students’ Central Council of Magadh Mahila College last Saturday organised an inter-institution discussion on dress code in colleges.
 The pupils and  teachers   of Patna College, Patna Science Collage, Arvind Mahila College, JD Women’s College and the host institution, tried to find answers to the question.
Should Girls wear Jeans to College or must they have uniforms?
Jayshree Mishra , head of the department ,history ,Magadh Mahila College ,came out in support of dress code on college campuses .”If a college does not have a dress code, student more privileged than others would wear new clothes every other day. On the other hand, financially week students would have to stick to their usual clothes, which can develop inferiority complex among them. So it is better to introduce uniforms in higher educational institution,” Mishra said.
 Jessie George Modi , the principle of Women Training College , disagreed .”There should not be any dress code in the college because the students are all adults. They know what to wear and where to wear,” she said.
 Aditi , a BA part II student of Magadh Mahila College , turned the table .”If there is dress code for student in college, there should be one for teacher too,” she said.

[contributed by Prem Ranjan]

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