Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Honey, what's the buzz at PWC, Patna?

What's the buzz at Patna Women's College? Won't the guys just love to know?
Well well, they've been as busy as bees lately, according to our sources.

The Eco Task Force group Patna Women’s college set up an apiary on campus on April 22.

Okay guys, an APIARY is ... An apiary is a space where hives of honeybees are kept and maintained  by apiarists or traditional beekeepers.

Of course, we know that the eco task force members just hang around talking about the environment, and most of them will run for miles if a bee buzzes along their path, so who are they fooling?

Actually it's the fearless and dauntless, and PWC  College principal Sisiter Doris D’souza [who some say floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee] who told reporters: “It was my dream to set up an apiary at my college.  I’m happy that the dream has been fulfilled.” 

The sticky business was of course facilitated by the Khadi Gram Udyog chairman Shankar Prasad, who had trained two of the Avila convent staffers in honeybee rearing. It's these two people who will be doing the actual work while the Eco task Force members will pose for the pictures.

Of course, the Principal made all the right noises, " These projects bring students closer to nature,” she added. [How? How many volunteers of the eco-task force are to be trained to deal with the stingers? We don't know!

A local newspaper says "The students also learned about Karl Von Frisch, who got the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1973 for cracking the language code of honeybees – the waggle dance." big deal... any kid who's read up on bees knows about the waggle dance.

According to Frisch’s theory, “forager” in a colony of honeybees performs this dance to communicate to others the direction and distance of patches of flowers from which they can extract nectar.

 The Eco Task Force has been founded by Sister Doris, who is an avid conservationist and well known biologist. One could say that she's got a bee in her bonnet when it comes to the ecology!

The  members are students of the college who mainly  'spread awareness' about various environment issues through  different activities  through out the year. 

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