Monday, 2 September 2013

CEMS students tour Jamaica, well virtually!

Patna: Well,just back from a tour of Jamaica  folks, beaches, football, and crowds swaying to reggae music, deh soul of Jamaica Mon! And I'se been hobnobbing wid de one an only Robert Nesta Marley, get a bite o' dat, mon! Okay, okay, just read on...
To the uninitiated : this is Bob Marley!

Did we tell you that Bihar's ONLY Communicative English with Media Studies Department, [yes, we have one of those at Patna Women's college, so check us out kids. in fact it's the only one in Eastern India. If you want to have a Bachelor's degree in this subject, you'd probably have to travel all the way to Bangalore]... well, the CEMS department of PWC is having the Annual Media Workshop from September 2 to 4, and as usual it's great fun.
Every year, some of the best teachers and experts interact with students to analyse films from the perspective of issues, value systems, and relevance to our lives and times.

We're watching films from all over the world, and what a great experience it is. As future film-makers, TV producers, PR people, or advertising professionals, and yes, journalists, watching world cinema gives us that expanded world view of things.

We watched this absolutely mind-blowing documentary on the legendary Bob Marley... it's a full length bio-feature on the guy whose songs like  'Stand up for your Rights' and 'One Love' are iconic. I didn't know that there was this cult called the Rastafari that believe Emperor Haile Salessie 1 was the incarnation of Jesus Christ... now that's made me so curious that I'm gonna google the guy and find out all about this 'Lion of Judah'. 

And later in the workshop we saw this Iranian film by the very famous Iranian director  Majid Majidi, and what we didn't know, [but thanks to Eastern India's' walking encyclopaedia of Film' Rajinder N Dash, we know now... I mean Mr Dash is amazing, he's the Chief Patron of Patna Cine Society and there's a lot of stuff about films he can just reel off ]... anyway it was an Indian Adreshar Irani, the chap who made our first talkie Alam Ara, who actually encouraged Iranians to start making films way back in the early 1900s!  Anyway, this film we saw called 'Father' was just awesome. I  mean that the story was so simple on one hand, but so fascinating on the other. Imagine this, a fourteen year old boy, whose father died in an accident, slogs hard in a town working in a shop, trying to support his mother and sisters. he's like the sole provider for his family, the man of the house. now what happens when he returns to his home to find that his mother has remarried, and her husband is a police officer? Not going to  put in any spoilers here, because one day you might want to watch this film yourself.

So folks, signing off for today. I'll let you know what else is happening later this evening. We're going to be watching some more films today, and some of those are going to be short films made by the students of our department. Oh yes, we do learn to make films as well, yaar! Wonder what the visitors are going to say about our films... More of that when you come back to this blog.

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  1. The workshop was very enlightening for me as it exposed me to the naunces involved in making great cinema.